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Entrepreneurship Club Bocconi Students

Holding a Book

We  organise events with entrepreneurs and experts in the field that will share with us their experience and transfer their knowledge

Food Festival

 Get in touch with a wide variety of entrepreneurial minded individuals with which you can bond and brainstorm on your visions

High Fives

Is there an idea that doesn't let you sleep at night? This is the right ecosystem to make it flourish

We are proud to be the first Entrepreneurship Club of Milan,  founded in 2011 in Bocconi University.

E-club's core values (Learn, Network, Build) remained present ever since and are everyday refined by our experiences.

Allez l'équipe

« E-club is the perfect place to meet likeminded people »

Francesco Cangemi - Events team

« I love E-club because it is a great way to meet interesting people, work with well renowned entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences. »

Sana Lotia - Marketing team

« Being part of the E-club community gives you a lot of international experience. We get to meet people from all around the world and attend lots of events. »

Diva Goyal - Operations team

« The association gives you an opportunity to meet a lot of international entrepreneurs and to be inspired by their stories. »

Elena Massidda - Events team

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